car film

Car film: an unparalleled element of protection

Paint protection film, renowned for their longevity, guarantee effective protection against external aggressions: projections (tar, gravel, insects, etc.), surface defects, UV rays, bad weather, everyday damage, corrosion, etc. any smooth surface (glass, metal, aluminium, varnish). It acts like a second skin on the paintwork of your vehicle, perfectly matching the shape of its bodywork. In short, the application of a wrap film durably preserves your paintwork while enhancing its shine and aesthetics thanks to a matte or shiny appearance.

A self-healing effect

Intended for cars and motorcycles, the new generation films have been designed to 100% protect your bodywork against impacts, scratches and even against vandalism. Equipped with self-healing technology, they have the advantage of regenerating themselves under the action of heat. This immediate self-healing property strengthens your bodywork, which will remain healthy and damage-free for several years with a minimum warranty of 3 years.

The benefits of a protective film:

  • resistance to acts of vandalism;
  • invisible to the naked eye;
  • adaptable to any type of vehicle;
  • improved vehicle shine;
  • ease of application, replacement and maintenance;
  • effective bodywork protection;
  • resistance to impact from gravel and debris;
  • applicable on any smooth surface;
  • self-healing protective film.

Which parts of the car does it make sense to cover with a film?

Today, many motorists want total protection for their vehicles. However, you can focus on the areas most exposed to damage such as: the hood, the front fenders, the underbody, the headlight lenses, the bumpers, the mirrors.