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Ford Fiesta car review

Ford offers many finishes on this new Fiesta and has also opted for a wide range of engines. For example, it can be such versions as: the Titanium (with the 1.5 TDCi of 120 hp), the Vignale and ST-Line (both with the 1.0 EcoBoost of 140 hp). Drivers who use Ford Fiesta often admit such features of this car…

Road behavior

You really notice the progress over its predecessor. We feel very well where we put the wheels, the steering is direct and the brakes are superb, even if not always easy to dose at the beginning. It could be sportier and this ST-Line version is really going very well. Too good even. It’s a reference, it doesn’t move in the curves and there is no understeer. It is very much in the Ford tradition. The new Fiesta is easy to handle, as a Ford should be.

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You can praise the comfort of the Fiesta… When the latter is fitted with 16-inch rims! The seats and the suspension are really impeccable. The ST-Line version (with 17-inch rims and a firmer chassis) seems «much firmer». The compromise of this version is quite average for a car that wants to be comfortable. The maintenance of the seats of the ST is excellent. The chassis is a bit firm for long journeys.

The newest Fiesta is larger than the previous model. It’s comfortable and fun to drive. You can easily go on a trip with it. The rear headroom can be improved for adults. One more word about the trunk. It is a bit small, but the shelf is very practical for storing small objects.


People who first tried the 1.5 TDCi usually get charmed: the diesel is quiet and it delivers a lot of torque. The 1.5 TDCi has torque and makes the car quite nervous. Diesel suits better for people who drive a lot.

The 140 horsepower EcoBoost engine is not to be outdone: the 140 horsepower is there. Some drivers were afraid that the petrol would have less torque because they used diesel, but it is going very well. By the way, 140 horsepower seems like a lot, but you don’t really feel the speed gain. The gearbox staging is too long.

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Many drivers are impressed with the Vignale, the most luxurious and lavishly equipped trim on the Fiesta. It’s very nice to have a car with so many gadgets. The large screen is easy to use and very readable. The reversing camera is also amazing. Many drivers are delighted to find an automatic braking system with pedestrian detection. Some people think that Vignale looks good, but there are still some plastics.

The conclusions

The new Fiesta has made a big leap forward and it has nice engines. It also always preserves its factory trait, namely road behavior at the best level. However, some criticisms have been leveled at the rear roominess, the finishing details, and even the comfort with the 17-inch rims.