wheel bearing

How to check wheel bearing on Renault Duster?

If when driving by car you can hear not only the sound from the tires but also some kind of sound that has a higher sound, then, most likely, the replacement of the wheel bearing is required. In order to check which bearing with Renault Duster is the problem (with the left or right), you should either raise all the cars using a lift or raise each wheel, in turn, using a jack.

After that (in the event that the work goes on the ground), then special anti-leap shoes must be installed under the rear wheels. Then you need to start the engine and turn on the fourth gear. After that, the wheels can reach a speed of about 50 miles/hour. Next, you should squeeze the clutch and at the same time do not forget to turn off the transmission. You need to switch to a neutral one.

In this way, it is possible to check the wheel hubs in front of the car with front-wheel drive, as well as the wheel hub behind the car with rear-wheel drive. You can also see if the play has played. The wheels should be lifted with a jack, shave and thoroughly scroll.

In the event that the hub is in poor condition, then backlash can be felt. And the more the bearing is damaged, the more it will be felt. And also with a damaged hub when scrolling the wheel can be noisy.

It should also be borne in mind that the play of the wheel sometimes occurs due to the poor condition of the steering wheel and suspension. To check, press the brake, and swinging the wheel vertically, look at the condition of the bearing. In the event that the play disappears, this will mean that the bearing hub has already worn out. And if it is preserved, then this means that the suspension is in poor condition.

It should not be forgotten that in the case of the suspension of the bearing, the play is not observed at all. In addition, you can check the condition of the bearing, making a turn. If the noise disappears when turning, then, after all, the hub bearing is in poor condition. The malfunction can also be suspected to the vibration of the machine.

It is very important to repair the car, because if this is not done, then car wear will be more intense, and a big crack will appear. Due to the bearing malfunction, there may be problems with the wheel hub, and as a result of this, the functionality of the suspension, support, as well as the drive shaft is disrupted. And if such troubles happen at a time when the car will go at high speed, this can lead to sad consequences.