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Review SUV Renault Duster

Renault Duster can be called a people’s car. Almost immediately after entering the market, the model won the status of the best-selling 4×4 SUV and held this honorary title for 7 years in a row.

Despite such an impressive success, in 2021 the manufacturer undertook large-scale processing of the legendary SUV, and today a radically new version of the Renault Duster is available to us. The car has changed structurally, received an improved interior, and supplemented exterior and technology for comfort and safety.

External changes

Renault designers have made minor changes to the exterior, thanks to which the appearance of the SUV has become even more brutal:

  • flatter windshield;
  • more massive bumper;
  • head LED-optics;
  • changes in the design of the radiator grille and roof rails;
  • branded moldings;
  • square taillights.

The design of the SUV is slightly different in different trim levels. For example, in the maximum version of Style, 17″ wheels and chrome elements on the trunk and radiator grille are available. In addition, two new colors have been added: you can choose from bright orange and metallic gray.

New modular platform

Renault Dusters released after 2021 have a new generation SUV platform. The power steering is now electric, which has a positive effect on maneuverability and handling.

Thanks to the suspension settings, the Duster performs well off-road. For example, the vibration of the steering wheel while driving on uneven surfaces is reduced. The All-Mode 4×4i transmission has remained the same, as it has proven itself quite well in previous versions of the machine.

Renault Duster is available with all-wheel drive (with the exception of the Life package). Four-wheel drive is implemented by means of a multi-plate electromagnetic clutch. It operates in three modes, namely LOCK, AUTO and 2WD modes.

A feature of the AUTO mode is that all-wheel drive is used throughout the entire speed range. The system detects slippage and makes it possible to redistribute torque to the appropriate axle at any speed.

But in the LOCK mode, the system rigidly fixes the redistribution of torque in the proportion of 50/50, that is, equally between the front and rear axles. In this mode, you can drive up to 50 miles/hour, but at a higher speed, it switches to AUTO.

The 2WD mode is suitable for driving on dry pavement and good primer. The system transfers torque to the front axle and disengages the clutch, which reduces gas mileage.

Engine and transmission combinations

Interestingly, Renault Duster has a fairly wide range of engines. The TSe 150 turbo engine is perhaps the main innovation in the 2022 Renault Duster. It is worth noting that the torque is 250 Nm, and this is the highest figure in the engine line. It is noteworthy that the TSe 150 is perfectly combined with a 6-speed gearbox created on the mechanics, as well as with an automatic transmission of the CVT X-Tronic type. Of the advantages, low fuel consumption can be noted.

By the way, one of the advantages of the TSe 150 is the absence of a particulate filter, thanks to which Duster can be refueled with AI-92 class fuel, while only 95th gasoline is suitable for cars with traditional versions of turbo engines.

Atmospheric engines are reliable, economical and easy to maintain. Combined with a 5- or 6-speed manual gearbox. The dCi turbo diesel engine delivers high traction of 240 Nm and low fuel consumption.

photo of Renault Duster

Driver assistance technologies

Renault Duster has onboard assistance systems for driving in difficult conditions: for example, when driving on ice, wet roads, or snow. There is an assistant when descending the mountain: by activating it, you do not have to hold the brake pedal when you are driving on a steep slope.

If the car gets stuck in a rut, the algorithm will identify the problematic wheel, activate the brake system, and direct the torque to the desired axle. In versions where there is a multimedia system, the spatial position of the car is displayed on the screen to make it easier to control the movement even in extreme off-road conditions.

Also, the driver will appreciate improvements such as a convenient gearshift lever and a new multifunctional steering wheel. The driver’s seat is equipped with lumbar support and more developed lateral support. There is a wide retractable armrest, and the position of the chair can be adjusted in a wide range.

Passenger comfort

The cabin is spacious and comfortable, and the capacity of the car is 5 people. For passengers in the back row there is a socket for charging and gadgets and 2 headrests. Depending on the version, there can be up to 5 usb connectors in the cabin.

In the Style and Drive trim levels, the front seats have a heating function, and two-stage heating of the rear seats is optionally available. There is everything you need for the youngest passengers: the ISOFIX child car seat attachment system is included in the basic equipment of all trim levels.

The Style package includes climate control with the function of automatically maintaining the set air temperature in the cabin. In other trim levels, air conditioning and the ability to add climate options are provided.

Configuration of Renault Duster

In 2022, you can buy a Renault Duster in the Life, Drive and Style versions, choosing the right combination of engine, gearbox and drive and, if necessary, adding a set of options.

As mentioned above, Style is the maximum configuration with the richest equipment; it was not in the previous version of the SUV. The package includes climate control, a touch-screen media system, a heated steering wheel and a remote start function. Optionally, you can add a leather interior, navigator, parking sensors and heated rear seats.