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The cheapest sport cars

What are the cheapest used sports cars? Discover a selection of exceptional cars whose prices remain affordable. Be careful, all the cars presented in this article are not necessarily dedicated to racing, some being quite heavy…


Very close to the C5 in terms of price, so I preferred to mention only the C6. With a V8 6.2 engine of 435 or 645 hp, we reach the stars here… All from 25,000 dollars.

Aston Martin

Admittedly not totally given, some Aston Martins can now be acquired for less than 50,000 dollars. The Vantage can be found for 40,000 dollars with a little luck. The DB9, longer and more comfortable than the Vantage can now sell for 55,000 dollars.


At Audi we focus on the S and RS ranges knowing that the RS are more expensive but more efficient. On the side of the more Nacien station wagons, the RS4 and RS6 are becoming very accessible while the RS3 are still quite expensive.

The first S3 developed 225 hp. It is easily can be found for less than 5000 dollars I wanted to indicate it anyway. With 265 hp, the second generation becomes serious and can be found for 9000 dollars. The RS3 is much more expensive with its 340 hp.

Certainly, it is not a gift, but at less than 50,000 dollars the «price»/»I am amazed» ratio is exceptional! Too bad she don’t wanna sing as loud as she could (engine noise).

At less than 9000 dollars, this S4 is a great deal! You have to go back to the very beginning of the 2000s to be able to see not too expensive RS. Here, the 380 hp twin-turbo RS4 V6 is less than 15,000 dollars. The next generation RS6 can be found for 15,000 dollars. It is given for a V8 of 450 hp!


Here is one of the best compromises at Ferrari: the Modena is under 50,000 dollars (not cheap but it should not discount too much, so you would lose much less money than buying a used Mercedes at 50,000 dollars). If your budget can push up to 70,000 dollars, you also have the F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo phase 1 left.


At Lotus, the philosophy is moving towards lightness coupled with small engines. For 15,000 dollars, the Elise will greatly flatter your ego. The most powerful is only 222 hp. In the turn, it is a queen even if it may lack electronics to correct the small errors of the driver.


BMW is one of the brands that best lends itself to the game of versatile ultra-efficient sports (M series). The E36 will be the cheapest M3 you can own. With 321 hp and there is plenty to have fun with! Perfect for touring without risking ruin for decades.

The M3 E46 uses the same chassis but refines its running gear (there are some for less than 15,000 dollars). The engine develops 343 hp in its «standard» version and 360 in CSL. I also recommend the latter which is more accomplished physically speaking (widened wings). In addition, note that the E46 is equipped with a very nice SMG robotic box!

This generation (E92) can be found for 20,000 dollars. It seizes this time an atmospheric V8 against an L6 for the other generations (previous and following). The DKG double-clutch gearbox is more efficient than the SMG but makes the car heavier… Combined with the V8, the M3 begins to weigh (much more than the old one)!

The M5 of the same generation (released about 2/3 years before) is found at less than 20,000 dollars. V10 of 507 hp at the key… The M6 ​​(from 25,000 dollars) is a 5 Series coupe even if it is not too visible, the mechanics are therefore the same with 507 nags bubbling under the hood.