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What is the best supercar of the moment?

Would you like to have a supercar? McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche… After the fierce battles on the asphalt of the circuits, these three brands oppose each other on the road. Each tumbles with a hybrid supercar at the cutting edge of technology and which buries any idea of ​​competition. Just compare the consumption values!

McLaren P1: the most exclusive

In the 90s, McLaren shook up the benchmarks with its sensational «F1». An extraordinary supercar, as invincible on the track as on the road. Ferrari was eclipsed! Today, the Briton is back with this P1.

Boosted by turbos, the V8 delivers 737 horsepower and is mated to a 179 horsepower electric motor. The set delivers a whopping 916 horsepower for 900 Nm of torque. Let’s highlight the possibility of driving in electric mode only!

Ferrari LaFerrari: the most powerful

The King of supercars has outdone himself again. After the 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo, Ferrari presents “LaFerrari” to us. The name disappoints with its lack of inspiration, but the model makes up for it with its dizzying technical data sheet: the V12 screams its 800 horsepower at 9,000 rpm! A sign of the times, the beauty is helped by a 163 horsepower electric motor, which brings the total power to… 963 horsepower!

Porsche 918 Spyder: the soberest

Porsche may not have the aura of Ferrari or McLaren but the brand nevertheless has assured know-how in the field of supercars. Remember the Carrera GT!

Arrived almost at the end of its development, the 918 Spyder rolls mechanics with its V8 which delivers 600 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. Small player? Porsche makes up for it with more generous electric motors (front and rear), which bring the total power to 880 horsepower! Here too, it is possible to drive in electric mode only.

So which supercar is the best?

According to affinities, make your choice! For our part, the Ferrari captivates us with its line, its coat of arms and its V12. Too bad, however, that Ferrari ignores the all-electric mode, which gives a rather funny little green side.

Porsche, for its part, offers a 918 Spyder that is astoundingly sober and that in no way compromises performance! But its name is less dreamy and it will be much less exclusive, with a production twice as large as its rivals. Finally, McLaren seems a good compromise… Although its line lacks finesse…