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What to choose an SUV or a hatchback?

The choice depends on the brand: there is no one-size-fits-all rule to choose between a hatchback and an SUV. Most often, SUVs with a similar engine drive a little slower and smoke more. Crossovers are still a bit more expensive than hatchbacks.

Everyone wants an SUV. What is this all about? It’s simple: these cars look more fashionable than the compacts. And don’t we buy with our eyes? We don’t want to look good in our car? In addition, getting in and out will be more comfortable, and while driving an SUV, we can look over the roofs of other vehicles. Unless, of course, an SUV is among them. An SUV offers more than a hatchback in relation to the surface area it occupies on the road. It can be shorter and still packable.

Why is it worth checking the history of the vehicle? After an accident, the car can become a serious hazard. Buying a stolen car is a huge problem. Knowing about the past of the cars you have bought will help you avoid such dangers.

The high seating position makes it easier to park the car, especially when it is so agile that its handiness rivals that of a city car. The price barrier has already been sufficiently pacified to allow free choice between an SUV and a compatible hatchback. Something like cheap SUVs has also been created. So the question remains: what specific advantages do SUVs have over hatchbacks? Or is it the other way around? You need to compare cars and answer some questions…

How comfortable, agile and quiet are these cars? Of course, we will not ignore the alleged strengths of SUVs: how much higher do you sit in a car that pretends to be an off-roader? What is the visibility? Does the cabin concept as a whole have practical advantages?

Where possible, we compare cars with identical engines — to emphasize differences in dynamics, equipment and price. But beware: advances in compact SUVs have been so galloping lately that the compacts are slowly losing their once-indisputable advantages, such as economy and driving dynamics. This advantage of compacts still exists, but it is smaller. Therefore, some of the models put together will be very close in terms of rated parameters and driving experience.

We have just written that the price is usually no longer a problem in small SUVs, but this is not always true. An example is Toyota, which wants an amount for the C-HR as for a premium car, if we look at the prices of the Auris. Toyota C-HR turned out to be a hit on the market, and its price contradicts the opinion that Toyota was bought by amateurs of popular inexpensive cars. Apparently, clients are coldly thinking, but also emotional.

Mercedes GLA vs Mercedes A-Class

Of course, we’re exaggerating — it won’t be that bad! However, those looking for highly efficient voice control and a versatile, lightning-fast navigation system will find little in the GLA. The compact A-class is a pioneer in this field, even if the basic multimedia configuration is separated from its most extensive variant by a five-digit sum of money.

Large screens have a high resolution, which can be seen from the mapping of details, they can also be individually configured. But this does not mean that the Mercedes GLA instruments are not adaptable to user preferences or that it does not display directions for navigating between the clocks.

Mercedes GLA 250 vs Mercedes A 250

If you look at the interior design, it would be as if your grandfather met his granddaughter. The new A-class with the futuristic MBUX information and entertainment system is like a spaceship against the backdrop of a cart called «GLA», which is still based on the old platform of the previous A-class.

Class A: lower, but has a big advantage due to the modern design

But let’s now look for functional advantages. The SUV has a slightly larger trunk, you can see the road a little better from it… And that would be it. The other advantages outweigh the compact hatchback. Even the showpiece discipline of SUVs, i.e. the higher seat, means in a GLA class A duel only little advantage, measured from the road to the driver’s seat.

In addition, the A-class performs better in all disciplines that check driving dynamics, and with such a strong drive it is of great importance: it obeys the driver’s commands more obediently, has more vigor and consumes less of gas. As an A 250 with a 4×4 drive and a DCT dual-clutch transmission, the SUV and hatchback cost are almost the same — the difference is 10%. With the GLA, the buyer has no choice: if he wants a DCT, he has to order a four-wheel drive car. The compact A-class makes it possible to combine the dual-clutch gearbox with the front-wheel drive.